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Investment Process

The Aruba Growth Fund employs a transparent, thesis-based investment process that provides checks and balances throughout the process. Upon identification of a potential investment opportunity, a preliminary investment review, including a discussion of the opportunity and key issues, is openly and actively discussed in the weekly meeting involving all members of the investment team. The fund operates a thorough and disciplined due diligence process to assess a potential investment, incorporating the advice of specialist domestic corporate and tax lawyers, accountants and management consultants with whom the investment team has built good working relationships over the past twenty five years. Throughout the investment process, from the early review stage through to the discussion of the final investment proposal, each team member is encouraged to dissent and proactively identify any issues on any deal. Subject to team consensus, the managing directors elect whether to allocate further resources to engage in due diligence. The final investment memo is thoroughly discussed within the full team prior to being taken to the investment committee comprising the managing directors. At the end of the consensus-oriented investment process, the decision to invest is taken unanimously by the investment committee.

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