Welcome to the Aruba Growth Fund

In 2012, the Aruba Growth Fund was established. This first Aruban private equity fund received its initial funding from the main Aruban pension funds and several reputable private companies, and is looking to make investments in well-established local companies. The Aruba Growth Fund is a unique new investor in the Aruban economy, for a number of reasons:

  • it is fully Aruban; funded by Aruban investors, only investing in Aruban companies and managed by Aruban investment managers;
  • the investment managers only focus on the fund’s objectives, have a no-ego approach when acquiring or managing companies, and operate under the strictest confidentiality rules;
  • the investment team is very experienced and is able to work in a fast and professional manner;
  • the investment team and the investors in the Aruba Growth Fund are reliable partners with a good reputation and track record.

We are actively looking at interesting investment opportunities.

KLM Aruba Marathon
The largest group within the first edition of the KLM Aruba Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K and 5K, held in the early morning hours of Sunday June 3rd, 2018, with the start and finish on Palm Beach, belonged to the Aruba Growth Fund. The group consisted of 170 colleagues, participating in every category, and posting impressive results.