Botica di Servicio (BDS)

The MCA Eagle Beheer NV is comprised of four Pharmacies better known as “Botica di Servicio”, and is also active in providing nation-wide services to the national health care system. It is a partner of the Dutch Service Apotheek group; the largest pharmacy group in the Netherlands, with more than 450 members.

BDS is the second largest pharmaceutical group on Aruba and Botica Eagle is the second largest pharmacy on the island. This pharmacy caters the adjacent Hospital and Oranjestad West surroundings. The other Pharmacies are strategically located in San Nicolas, Sta. Cruz, Noord and Eagle Beach. 

Botica di Servicio has an outstanding group of health care professionals and committed employees, many of whom have earned special certifications in relevant pharmacy and health care fields. With this team, BDS is constantly upgrading the service level of pharmacies on the island, through making investments in new technology, by entering into partnerships with international partners and by introducing more efficient and patient-friendly procedures and concepts.

Posted on Aug 09, 2019