Laboratorio di Servicio

Breaking News: As from today, Service Lab Xpert becomes Laboratorio di Servicio.

Palm Beach -- The Aruba Growth Fund and Botica di Servicio are pleased to announce the expansion of the company’s portfolio with the exciting takeover of Service Lab Xpert clinical laboratories. The new partnership brings about a name change. From now on, Service Lab Xpert will be called Laboratorio di Servicio; closely affiliated to the Botica Di Servicio chain of pharmacies. 

The laboratories currently employ ten highly trained and experienced staff members, including a board certified Clinical Chemist and Pharmacist, Aruban founder Dr. Robert Wever. He is supported by a team of medical laboratory technicians that is ready to administer any test and answer detailed questions, with a friendly smile, during special extended hours of operation.  According to Dr. Wever: “After finishing my residency in Clinical Chemistry at one of the best hospitals in the Netherlands, the University Hospital of Utrecht, I came back to help my country. As a pharmacist and clinical chemist, I brought home state of the art knowledge on laboratory medicine. I used this knowledge to provide good service and help physicians understand the possibilities of laboratory testing, and to assist the Landslaboratorium to become the reference laboratory of Aruba. Later, Medical Laboratory Services in Curaçao approached me to become their laboratory specialist. Within one year, we managed to accredit MLS by the Dutch Council of Accreditation, being the first medical laboratory in the Dutch Caribbean to receive such a prestigious achievement. Realizing that the other laboratories remained focused on old forms of testing and were not partnering up with the requesting physicians, I started Service Lab Xpert in 2012, based upon a few solid principles; service, quality and innovation. In the past 5 years, we managed to set up the best laboratory in Aruba, using local people and state of the art equipment only found in laboratories in the Netherlands and the USA. As a new lab, we managed to guide doctors and the AZV itself to select better tests for their patients at a better price. My father always reminded me of the fact that everybody on the island of Aruba has an undeniable right to the best care possible; it is my commitment to you that I will do my utmost best to provide that level of care. At SLX, now Laboratorio di Servicio, we strive to become the best laboratory in the Caribbean; and with a strong financial partner with much experience in the health care sector, Aruba Growth Fund, we will.”

Laboratorio di Servicio, is dedicated to testing clinical specimens, and obtaining accurate and reliable information about the health of its clients, and communicating effectively with all house doctors regarding the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. It stands for attentive service, timely and confidential laboratory tests, applying the latest scientific breakthroughs, and innovative, safe practices. Sophisticated and fast. In addition to working with many local house doctors, Laboratorio di Servicio also welcomes walk-ins, non-AZV clients, and tourists.

The lab offers a large variety of tests analyzing clinical chemistry, hematology and microbiology, helping patients and doctors gain more insight into diabetes, anemia, lipid disorders, sexually transmitted diseases, thyroid dysfunction, parasites, etc. The company already operated in four strategic locations, the main location in Eagle, adjacent to Dr. Algera, and furthermore at the offices of Dr. Morales-Thuis, Jones and Dirksz, adjacent to Tempo in Oranjestad, at Dr. Pieterse’s clinic in Ponton, and at Dr. Wijngaarden’s clinic in Paradera. We just opened a brand new fifth ’prikpost’ in the building of Botica di Servicio Seroe Preto. Additional lab openings are planned for the coming year.

Uniquely, Laboratorio di Servicio guarantees real time results, within four hours. That efficiency is made possible by the most innovative technologies, modern equipment and trendsetting practices, resulting in an all-around superior product.  As a matter of fact, it was the first private laboratory to provide on line results to requesting physicians, thus reducing reporting time by a number of hours.

The Aruba Growth Fund, owners of such companies as the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino, Botica di Servicio and Op=Op Voordeelshop, is determined to continuously introduce quality products and services to the Aruban community, also in the health-care fields. As a fully Aruban company, funded by Aruban investors, it is focused on investing in local businesses, contributing to the island’s well-being. 

Posted on Oct 25, 2018